Electronica – FR


Previously based in France where he founded a few pop bands and participate to other projects, Antoine Pasqualini aka Monolithe Noir moved to to Brussels, Belgium, land of the freedom. After breaking up with old compositions habits and traditional instruments, Antoine fell into modular synthesis, drone, ambient but always kept the drum parts and melodies from the past close to his ear.

After releasing to EP’s on Berlin based label KODX, Monolithe Noir will release his first LP in march on Belgian label Luik Records (which features Liège based noise rock band It It Anita).


2019 : Slowly Changing – EP (Kotow Records)
2017 : Le Son Grave – album (Luik Records)
2015 : Holy Divisions – EP (KODX)
2015 : Modern Nothings – EP (KODX)


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