Abstract / Hip Hop / Electro


“When people listen to this record I want them to see Travis Bickle prowling around Gotham City with four Droogys in tow”

With La Nuit Se Lève, Al’Tarba brings the tempo right down and thrusts us into a thick urban plague on the trail of twilight bestiary: pariahs, sidewalk survivors, gun toting mavericks straight out of the Tech Noir wave and slasher style anti-heros.

La Nuit Se Lève is a dark and anxiety provoking sound experience: it’s one night, in troubled waters, a long, nocturnal tale in which the author meets a host of characters in various locations.
Al’Tarba occupies a place somewhere between the Damned, Dj Medhi, Filastine et the Def Jux catalogue, he is balanced on a tightrope somewhere between Abstract Hip Hop, gloomy down tempo and dismembered swing.


2019 : Al’Tarba & Senbeï are Rogue Monsters – album (Banzai Lab)
2017 : Bad Acids and Malicious Hippies – EP (IOT Records)
2017 : La Nuit se Lève – album (IOT Records)
2014 : Let The Ghosts Sing – album (Jarring Effects)
2014 : The Sleeping Camp – EP (JFX Lab)
2013 : Ladies & Ladies – EP (Banzai Lab)
2013 : Lullabies For Insomniacs + Midnight Seance Bonus Tracks – LP (CMF Records)
2013 : Acid & Vicious w/ Lord Lhus -LP (CMF Records)
2011 : Lullabies For Insomniacs – album (autoproduit)
2009 : Blood out Connections – album (autoproduit)
2007 : Rap Ultraviolins and Beatmaking – album (autoproduit)