Al’Tarba x Senbeï

Abstract / Hip-Hop / Electro



Ninja Tune influences, psychedelic samples and Hip-Hop energy, Al’Tarba x Senbei push the boundaries of beatmaking, in an unclassifiable and fascinating album.
Al’Tarba x Senbeï is the meeting of two influential producers of the French indie beatmaking scene. The first one is dubbed by Dj Muggs (Cypress Hill) for his black and lofi productions, the second, in style more polished, multiplies collaborations with Deluxe or Chinese Man and travels the globe with his other project “Smokey Joe & The Kid”. It’s been a few years since the two producers were looking how to start a common creation. It’s finally in 2017, digging together in psyche rock vinyl crates, that the inspiration showed up. The 2 beatmakers discover their mutual taste for saturated guitars from 60’s / 70’s rock, hardcore or punk. From there, Al’Tarba & Senbei compose in a few months a powerful album, hallucinated and incredibly accomplished. You can feel as much the influence of Dj Shadow, Prodigy or Fatboy Slim than the Greatful Dead or Jefferson Airplane. “Together, we have the feeling of having fucked a big blow in the door of beatmaking”.

It will be necessary to wait until February 2019 to discover the live transcript of this album “Rogue Mønsters”. “We are preparing a very energetic live show, on which we intend to bring the audience into a pogo.”


2018 : Rogue Monsters – album (Banzaï Lab)