Hip-Hop – NL


Since they have been revealed thanks to their debut music video What Happened in 2011, Dope D.O.D. haven’t stopped making grow their reputation. They break the record of views on YouTube, rumble stages all around Europe (Rock en Seine, Le Printemps de Bourges, Les Eurockéennes, Dour, The Great Escape, Paleo, Sziget) and feature with the greatest names of hip hop. Nothing seems to can stop them ; they release an album or an EP about every year. Far away to rest on their laurels, the two Dutchmen are always on something new as the group’s motto has always been to make music that you haven’t heard from them before. They are like a snake who looses its skin when the old one doesn’t fit anymore. Dope D.O.D. has ripped off the old jacket and replaced it with new, shiny armor. They colored their hardcore hip hop with many other musical styles. If they have been very influenced by the 90’s hip hop, they tend to be contemporary too and inject trap or drum’n’bass to their rap. The group’s agressive and venimous flow goes with a gore style on stage, but also in their videos and on their album covers. Don’t count on them to go in for subtleties.


2017 : Shotgunz in Hell (w/ Onyx) – album (Dope D.O.D. records)
2016 : Acid Trap – album (Dope D.O.D. records)
2015 : Ugly – EP (Dope D.O.D. records)
2014 : Master Xploder – album (Dope D.O.D. records)
2013 : Da Roach – album (Dope D.O.D. records)
2011 : Branded – album (Dope D.O.D. records)
2011 : The Evil EP – EP


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