Electro World / Global Beats / Bass Music


Grey Filastine is an LA-born audio-visual artist based in Barcelona with nomadic tendencies.
He composes a dense transnational bass music colliding the low frequency pressure of dubstep with high-level beat science, acoustic strings and voices. He uses percussions to fire off sounds and synchronized videos from a heap of electronic cables wired to an amplified shopping cart. Borrowing from hip hop, moombahton, dubstep and cumbia while pulling in sounds from India, North Africa, Indonesia and other stops on his journeys he creates complex, shifting canvases for the Indonesian vocalist Nova to place her silken singing. With his last project Abandon, Filastine travels all over the word with is a new series of four videos, combining music and dance, which one denounces brightly the degrading work.


2017 : Drapetomania – album (Post World Industries / Jarring Effects)
2016 : Abandon Project [now]
2014 : Aphasia – EP (Post World Industries / Jarring Effects)
2013 : Looted : Remixes – LP (Post World Industries / Jarring Effects)
2012 : Loot – album (Post World Industries / Jarring Effects)
2012 : Colony Collapse – EP ft. L’Oeuf Raide (Muti Music / Jarring Effects)
2010 : Hungry Ghosts – EP (Disboot)
2010 : Extra Dirty Bomb – LP (Post World Industries)
2010 : Dirty Bomb – album (Jarring Effects / Soot)
2008 : Sonar Calibrado – EP w/ Maga Bo (Shockout)
2007 : Quemalo Ya – EP (Shockout)
2007 : Burn it – album (Jarring Effects / Soot)
2005 : Judas Goat / Palmares – EP (Soot)