Cosmic Hip Hop



FREEZ is a voyage through space, time, text and sound. Poetic and melodic, the group is
as attached to the cosmos as they are to hip-hop traditions.
Machines, synths and effect pedals combine with the warmth of the instruments to create a
groove composed of complex rhythms.

Never far from the freedom of improvisation, the band is at its best when exploring new
universes. Arthur knits pulsating rhythms with nebulous samples, into which Octave blows
his electric trumpet, Quentin sends his big bass and synth sounds and Mr. E tops it all of with
a flow full of visual poetry. A chimeric connection between the present and the post-past,
FREEZ proposes a sound that’s somewhat singular in today’s hip-hop landscape.

The group has played at Nancy Jazz Pulsations, la Gaîté Lyrique, la Laiterie, le Noumatrouff,
le Hasard Ludique, le Festival Décibulles, Ouest Park Festival, le Grillen…


2018 : Frame – EP (Autoproduction)