Psychtropical BeatItalie


Indianizer was born in 2013, sprung from the minds of some psychonauts drawing their inspirations from Animal Collective’s wild frenzies and Django Django’s tropical rhytms. Following two self-financed EPs (Pandas – 2013 and Jungle Beatnik – 2014), their Neon Hawaii full-length album (Edison Box/PBP – 2015) was released in 2015 – thanks to this debut album the band toured in Italy and Europe (one of the best 50 albums of 2015 according to Noisey). The new single Mazel Tov II is being released in January 2018 via Musica Altra, with the support of remixes by Don’t Dj and Passenger. The new Zenith album is being released in spring 2018, via Musica Altra again.


2018 : Zenith – Album (Musica Altra)
2018 : Mazel Tov II – Single (Musica Altra)
2015 : Neon Hawaii – Album (Edison Box / PBP)
2014 : Jungle Beatnik – EP
2013 : Pandas – EP