Folk – FR


Between Old country blues and minimalist Rock’n’roll, between Robert Johnson and Bob Log 3, KEPA’s one man band catapults the audience to the Mississippi’s banks without moving.
29 years old, 3 years of blues, hundreds of shows and already two Olympia !
However, this Pro skateboarder had no predestination to go on stage : “My dream was skateboarding all over the world” but after a bad injury he starts to strum his guitar and to compose his first songs. Little by little, he creates his own style which he plays on acoustic steel guitars, a model made in 1930 in the United States.

New album produced by Taylor Kirk & Timber Timbre (2018, May)


2018 : Doctor, do Something – album (Haïku Records)
2016 : The Tone Of Sebastopol – album
2015 : Low​-​Low Wind – album
2014 : Hello Babe! – EP
2013 : No Goat Cheese – album