Luminous Duo / Electronic PoetryFrance


Komorebi, in japanese, is this image of the sunlight filtering through tree foliage. Komorebi is Claire and Clara. A story of lights.
Lights of electronic music, emotional percussions and captivating voices.
Their plan ?
To express through music 10 untranslatable words. These words that exist only in one language are keys to slip into the world of others and open up to a shattering cultural reality. They make us grow, expand.
Komorebi o ers a project filled with positive tenderness and this invigorating cocktail of love has a name: Mucho Love.
On stage, in front of their half-moon shaped screen, Claire and Clara indulge in a captivating face to face, oscillating between electronic drums, SPDS and keyboards.
High-sensitive back to back, from electro beat to vocals in 3 languages, video and lights.
Komorebi is a true invitation to travel, a great breath of air, a green spring morning, an inspiring poetic road trip.