Psych / Post rock – FR


Le Réveil des Tropiques (the awaken of the tropics) is born as a side-project in a basement of Paris in 2011. But his 5 musicians decided after only 2 rehearsal to propose to aware ears their totally improvised hallucinogenic noise, and they were right!

After 1 studio album (which achieved much critical acclaim), 3 lives and a score for a documentary, several tours all around France and many shows in most of the best venues in Paris, the band come back with “Big Bang”, 4 tracks (42 minutes) recorded in the analog studio Kerwax, under strong influences of Neu!, Swans or Nissenenmondai, and the spacial universe of philippe Caza drawings, a mythic artist of the 70’s french comics and animation movies.

The music of this record can be compare to a soundtrack for a travel between the infinite space and the chaos of the quantas, of witch the transe seems to be the goal, with tunes so effective, that the band think about changing his habit, and starting to use some of them for the live.


2018 : Big Bang – album (Music Fear Satan)
2015 : Hallucinations scèniques vol. 3 – EP (Music Fear Satan)
2015 : Hallucinations scèniques vol. 2 – EP (Celebration T apes)
2014 : Hallucinations scèniques vol. 1 – EP (Music Fear Satan)
2012 : Le Réveil Des Tropiques – album (Music Fear Satan)