Hip hop – FR


EN – Mounika is the sweetness. Jules is his real name and beatmaking his passion. He beggins playing music with several instruments before focusing on piano. He invests in a syntesizer while keeping on playing basketball, sport in which he does quite all right (height : 1m98!). Then he discovers MAO (computer assisted music), MPC (Model predictive control) etc. and tries pretty much every creation software before choosing Fruity Loops. His prime artistic purpose is recreating the creative worlds of his favorite artists : Air Moby, Wax Tailor… Thanks to soundcloud, Jules broadcasts his music until it reaches the ears of the label and youtube channel : Dloaw & Co. A real collaboration is born between them, and Mounika will soon become an influential member of the label.
Hyper productive, Mounika builds EP after EP with 133 tracks in total and releases an album called How are you ? in 2017. Mounika writes this album like a full-fledged project wich summerizes all the things he understood, learned and acquired so far.!


2017 : How Are You ? – album (DLoaw & Co.)
2016 : Seagulls – EP
2015 : Basket Sound Part. 3 – EP
2015 : Basket Sound Part​.​2 – EP
2015 : Born To Be Beats – EP (Dusted Wax Kingdom Records)
2014 : Basket Sound – EP
2014 : Dead Wrong (And love Marie Laforet) – EP
2014 : Beats Volume 1 – EP (Dusted Wax Kingdom Records)
2014 : Plage Beat​-​tape– EP
2013 : Wake Up– EP