Post-Rock – FR


In a handful of improvised albums circumnavigating the troubled waters of the contemporary Mediterranean – Greece, with the eponymous Oiseaux-Tempête (2013), Turkey and Sicily for ÜTOPIYA? (2015), Lebanon with AL-‘AN! (2017) – the collective OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE has stretched its electric arc over musical genres and borders, imposing itself in a river of tours and releases like a wild UFO within the hexagonal indie scene.

Navigating instinct, as attracted by disorder, the music of OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE has always increased tenfold in live performance. It is little surprise that following the remixes album (Re-Works, 2014) and collection of BSides (Unworks & Rarities, 2016), OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE unveils, by way of a new opus, an album entirely recorded in concert.
طﻁرﺭبﺏ TARAB (in literary arabic – euphoria, secular exaltation, ecstasy), their sixth release on the demanding label Sub Rosa, is the result of live recordings captured during the AL-‘AN! tour which led the group, after a preliminary residency at l’Autre Canal in Nancy, to cross Europe and into Canada, performing at the prestigious festival Le Guess Who? in Utrecht, opening for Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart in Montreal and Toronto, following the same Jerusalem In My Heart through France then from Brussels to Berlin, and finally closing the loop at the Irtijal festival in Beirut.

It is in symbiosis, in the fever and visceral experimentation of the concert, that the musicians of OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE seek rapture. Arranged in a semicircle, they invoke the elements and attempt the catharsis, inviting the spectator to spiral with them, entwined in the sonic explosions, finding beauty and peace in the spaces of improvisation and elaboration. Marrying free-rock, organic electronics, traditional instruments and unbridled electricity, TARAB, far beyond the vibrant testimony, is a generous invitation to experience, to meditate and to share.


2018 : TARAB طَرَبٌ – album (Sub Rosa)
2017 : Al-‘An ! – album (Sub Rosa)
2015 : Ütopiya? – album (Sub Rosa)
2014 : Re-Works – album (Sub Rosa)
2013 : Oiseaux-Tempête – album (Sub Rosa)


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