Hip-Hop / Bass Music – FR


Smokey Joe & The Kid is the collaboration of two beatmakers from Bordeaux, France. They are passionate by US hip hop and bass music but also by groovy melodies from the beginning of the 20th century. Their music is composed of scratched solo percussions, beats and tunes made with MPC : everything is played live. That choice remembers us a hip hop style from traditional american music repertory which is accompagnied with inspired samples.
They are not only working on their own productions, these gentlemen gangsters collaborate with bands such as Puppetmastaz, R-Wan (Java), Youthstar (Chinese Man), NON Genetic (Shadowhuntaz), Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), The Procussions, Blake Worell (Puppetmastaz) or Lateef the Truth Speaker (Quanum Project). In fact, they don’t know what idleness means.


2017 : Take Control (w/ Mysdiggi)- EP (Banzaï Lab)
2016 : Running To The Moon – album (Banzaï Lab)
2015 : Smokid Inc. – EP (Banzaï Lab)
2014 : Rough & Tough – EP (Banzaï Lab)
2014 : The Game – EP (Banzaï Lab)
2013 : Nasty Tricks – album (Banzaï Lab)
2012 : The Grand – EP (Banzaï Lab)


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