Abstract Soul / Hip Hop – FR


At the age of six, YoggyOne entered the music academy, where he remained for about a dozen years, then traded in his alto violin for a drum kit (in a funk band) and tried his hand at other brass instruments as well. Quite rapidly, his self-taught philosophy and insatiable curiosity would lead him to venture further from well-traveled paths.
He followed the evolving new beat generation with great enthusiasm, deep in the early days of Indie labels Anticon, Def Jux, Stones Throw. Current influences include Shuggie Otis, Herrmutt Lobby, Muhsinah, Ad Bourke, John Robinson, Flying Lotus, Hearin Aid…
Yoggyone is currently working on his sophomore effort, which will be released in May 2014 via Eklektik Rekords, in digital, CD and vinyl.


2014 : Any Ideas – Maxi ft Muhsinah (Eklektik Records)
2013 : Windeed – EP (Eklektik Records)
2012 : Canopée – album (Eklektik Records)
2012 : Preparation – (Eklektik Records)
2012 : YoggyOne and Friends Vol.5 – ft Devonwho (Eklektik Records)
2012 : YoggyOne and Friends Vol.4 – ft Morpheground (Eklektik Records)
2012 : YoggyOne and Friends Vol.3 – ft Ad Bourke (Eklektik Records)
2012 : YoggyOne and Friends Vol.2 – ft Jocip Klobucar (Eklektik Records)
2012 : YoggyOne and Friends Vol.1 – ft Ichiro (Eklektik Records)