Bagarre générale

Opéra rock Catch



Bagarre Générale are gladiators playing out a comic tragedy in rock opera. It is an epic, grandiose, tragic story. It is a show that uses all the effects of theatre, circus and wrestling to tell, surprise, summon up powerful feelings, make allegories confront each other. It is a show that speaks to the audience’s guts, that makes them stand up, scream, boo, cry, laugh out loud, tremble. Love, glory, fighting and redemption, Bagarre Générale explores the values of filiation, heritage, friendship, love, betrayal and forgiveness, in the manner of an ancient tragedy. Using the pretext of a wrestling tournament and the form of a musical, Bagarre Générale addresses issues of justice, oppression and revolt, and especially questions the legitimacy of violence in social struggles.

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