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ALO WALA is the sound of a new world and a new way of thinking about one another as belonging in an interconnected global society. Since her debut in 2014, ALO WALA blazed a trail with her brand of dance-floor-happy protest music, creating a sound that is distinctively her own. Very quickly she established herself as one of the most exciting names in global club music scene – playing over 150 shows spanning several continents and earning acclaim from pioneers like Buraka Som Sistema, Branko, Clap Clap, Nucleya, and many more.

It’s 2023, and ALO WALA is ready to thunder again! She recently singed with Paris-based X-Ray Production and India’s own Azadi Records, and they have big plans! She dropped To The Bank (July ’22), a fantasy protest song about economic disparity, but you can dance to it. Her next single, Dutty Hot (March 23rd) reverbs tropical life while calling-in Frank Ocean and reminding us that a journey inwards can transmute the flames. Look out for rapid-fire drops including an EP (Spring ’23) and Album (Winter ’23) this year.

These tracks are produced by the newly formed unit of incognito producers, SATORI STEREO SAIYAN (SSS), and are laced with heavyweight guests including: Moonchild Sanelly, Alsarah & PAV4N amongst others, creating a musical journey that roams wide across an outer-national world of sound. Filled with the rebooted energy of finally making music together, the
forthcoming releases personify ALO WALA’s fever for collaborative musical fire and relentless rapping. The results are rich and various, displaying a carefree range which ALO WALA and friends deliver with clear, fierce intent. In short, it’s Fuego.

Having lived in four continents, ALO WALA brings a distinctive perspective to her sound. In the past, this Punjabi-American vocalist & mc has released two Eps – 2014’s Cityboy (Enchufada Label) and 2015’s Vibrate To Win, both produced by Danish production unit Copia Doble Systema and padded with unforgettable features, earning widespread acclaim and performance spots at festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Roskilde (DK), Sunburn (India) and Sole Dxb (Dubai) to name a few; Her hypnotic live show has clearly captured hearts and ears across the world. Her self-released single Little Lotto (2015) feat. Nucleya & Mc. Zulu, continues to do laps in the metaverse today. Not to forget, Paralyzed (2017), co-produced
by Clap-Clap and Branko, which showcases the need to come together fearlessly and PUSH in the face the vitriol and hate that’s being championed by a few across the world. Vivid imagery is top priority, making for galactic live shows and timeless music videos, directed by long-time collaborator Jamil GS.

ALO WALA, meaning ‘the light vendor’ in a Hindi / Bengali mélange, creates a crisp hybrid sound that combines an unearthly double-time rap flow with thundering bass and sonic input from all corners of the world.


2022 : To the Bank – Single
2017 : Little Loto – Single
2017 : Paralyzed – Single
2014 : Cityboy – EP




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