The new Bruit Noir is even worse and therefore even better than the first two.
Or even the first three, but we’ll never know because they went straight to the «IV/III» album. As if Jean-Michel Pirès and Pascal Bouaziz wanted to dismiss the idea of a «last album» from the start after having escaped from Mendelson (RIP). On the abrasive instrus of Pirès, the fakir Bouaziz agitates, flays himself, throws punchlines to make the best rap gunners jealous, shoots with a hilarious bad faith on everything that moves or does not move anymore (including himself), disturbs, shocks, touches, annoys. And we’re only talking about what happens on the record, because live, no one can predict, not even Bouaziz, what will go through his head once on stage, never being stingy with long deadpan tirades, which make each concert a unique moment, often iniquitous.

Welcome to BRUIT NOIR in the AFX team!