Piano Electronica – FR


He didn’t study music at the conservatory. Nor was he shaped by music theory lessons or monotonous repetitions of sonatas. However, with his delicate piano skills, LAAKE is nothing but a virtuoso. The artist’s fetish instrument and melodies imbued with classical music are the cornerstones of his musical compositions. When electro music and the machines become essential vectors.
His tracks bring out a simple image over and over again: chiaroscuro. Because with his sharp beats, devastating piano notes, vocal subtleties and deep bass, LAAKE embodies the perfect balance between light and darkness, between sweetness and madness.
From the release of his very first EP, « 69 », in 2015, the 27 year-old producer has taken us both down in deep waters and high above the clouds. Since then, he has caught the ears of German pianist Nils Frahm, who decided to integrate the catchy melodies of the « Swell » track to his « Piano Day » playlist in 2016. One year later, LAAKE has joined the official programming of the « Piano Day » festival, he has composed music for Arturia synthesizers and his « Introspective » piece has become the soundtrack of a famous watch brand.
After show-stopping performances in Berlin, London and Printemps de Bourges in 2017, LAAKE is about to release a second EP entitled “PIAANO”. It features breathtaking and nostalgic tracks of classical piano, the melancholy of acerbic machines and even the depths of a dodgy and random techno club.

In 2019, LAAKE unleashes a more intimate side of his personnality with « River » and directs
once again the video clip. Just enough to wait patiently his next release, an electronic
symphony expected in Spring 2020.


2017 : PIAANO – EP
2015 : 69 – EP